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“The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google Search results” – Dharmesh Shah
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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. As complicated as it sounds or seems, SEO is an extremely simple and logical process.

This process is only complicated by those who do not understand exactly what they are doing, or by those "experts" who fail to keep up with the rapid evolution of this field. But in all honesty, it's a tedious process.

To explain briefly, we can see that a Google search returnn two types of results: Paid (from Google Search Ads) and organic.  With the SEO optimization process we are trying to influence the search engines to show our business in the relevant organic search results. 

Many wonder if problems can occur, since through this process we influence the results of Google Search.

In short, yes. Problems can occur (for example, deindexing some or all of our pages), but this only happens when the SEO optimization is not done properly.

Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, and so the SEO experts have to adapt and think long term.

SEO Optimization and PR services

Done right

On-Page Optimization, in short, means what we tell Google about our business – what is our niche, how good we are in this field, where we have an office and so on.

Other optimizations related to On-Page optimization are loading speed, image optimization, user experience and content creation (for example, blog posts).

After On-Page comes Off-Page optimization which basically means what others say about our business.

Google wants to see who is talking about our business and in what context.

Link building campaigns made with great emphasis on quality, not quantity are extremely important. 

Whether you need PR campaigns to communicate your company’s values, promotional offers or to generate new links, Brandion has contracts with all the press in Romania and abroad. Through us you can easily publish new advertorials and press releases in thousands of online publications.

Often marginalized or completely forgotten by marketers, this is an extremely powerful tool. Content marketing is a very effective ToF (top of funnel) element. Through well-placed advertorials, you educate and provide valuable content to your audience and attract new customers.


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The power of example is strong. Therefore, here are some examples of PR campaigns done by Brandion.

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Brandion’s CEO Vlad is super knowledgeable with Facebook Ads and everything ecom. His passion comes from truly helping and coaching other people in succeeding with the online advertising world. Glad to have the Madgicx-Brandion partnership!

Yahav Hartman CEO MadgicX

In primul rând trebuie menționată eficiența echipei Brandion, colaborarea cu ei a fost ușoară și eficienta. Mi-au construit un website de calitate, optimizat pentru campanii de promovare. În al doilea rând, au venit cu idei de marketing inovative și m-au ajutat sa intru pe piața rapid. Cu siguranță recomand Brandion pentru pachetul de servicii pe care îl oferă!

George Scripcaru CEO Future Training

O agenție complet dedicată în a atinge obiectivele clientului. Super perseverenți, atenți la ce vrei, disponibili, o experiență foarte tare. Highly recommend them.

Emanuela Marton Director Laser Hunt

Profesioniști și corecți!

Corina Vaida Director VADAUTO

Best in Romania. Proud to work with them.

Victor Dinică Founder Inventiff

Very good agency to work with. I highly recommend it.

Anita Filip Katharina Siegel Jewelry

Recomand! Seriosi, punctuali, profisionisti

Al Dakhlalla Nizar CEO Multimago
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