Web Design

What separates design from art is that design is meant to be… functional. ― Cameron Moll

Your image has a decisive impact on that first impression that you make to your customers regarding your brand and the company you own. In a matter of moments, through your image, you have to impress any person who visits your web page so that they continue to interact with your site and ultimately, with your business. That’s why you have to make sure that you paint a delightful picture to your customers.

We can assume that a nice aspect of the site can be the basis of starting a trading relationship with potential customers. Before you start working on architecture and structure you have to make sure that the design is eye-catching and fun.

Web Design – The first step in building your online identity

Of course, if the design is the first step it does not mean it is the most important, because besides the design, on your site you have to be sure there are other things such as all those different optimization elements. All these elements, combined in a pleasant design, can build a website from where you can maintain relationships with customers and optimize these relationships. Last but not least, the content you display on the site is also important in a considerable proportion. Whether this content relies heavily on images, videos or even articles, the percentage of relevance to the success of the site is the same, so make sure you pay attention to this factor as well.

Numbers speak

A study made 5 years ago, when the mobile phone market, especially smartphones, was not yet so developed, shows that more than 60% of smartphone owners who have passed the age of 18 are using these devices to access the Internet.

Given that the popularity of smartphones has increased drastically, but also the cost of using Internet services lowered, most likely this percentage has risen to as close to 100%. Under these circumstances, the lack of a site design that can be accessed from a smartphone is a huge disability, and this can only translate into customer loss and turnover.

Just as we mentioned earlier, technology developments have allowed the world to become more and more connected every day, so once a new device appears, it most likely has an Internet connection. The device screen will need to be able to show any ad and any website including yours

Is your business ready to receive online guests?

Intuitively a question arises at this point, namely whether your site is optimized in such a way that it can be accessed from any device exists in the world, but also from the devices that are expected to be released in the near future. Preparing for the future is necessary because you will not have the ability to optimize your site with technological developments, so it is better to be prepared for what’s next.

If you apply the tactic to make your site design as responsive as possible, it will reach the point where your web page will have a fluid structure as well as a fluid look. By the term ‘fluid’ we can understand a structure that will be molded according to the device on which it is accessed from. This way your site will change its size and appearance so it’s a ‘perfect fit’ for any device that wants to access it.

Not only your website will look good, but also loading time will get a significant decrease, and that is something Search Engines are looking for in a website, so your page will be among the favorites of search engines. It’s a win-win situation, and all you have to do is have a web design ready for it.

We can get you up to speed

Brandion will make sure that it does not matter the environment from which your site will be accessed, it will function correctly and completely. People tend to use the Internet more and more often, from various devices –  maybe your potential customer will be out in the park for a walk, or on a train trip, or even in bed before falling asleep, and he will want to access your site, and you need to be ready for this. The purpose of our company is to provide your customers with a pleasant experience. After all, a first good impression is going to be the first brick in a business relationship that is beneficial for both you and your clients. The fact that your clients can interact with your business in any circumstance may very well be the foundation of mutual loyalty that should exist between a user and a company.

In order to be sure that your site has a pleasant look and it offers a positive experience for its visitors, you can create a list of goals to be fulfilled. A kind of to-do list on which to take the actions needed to optimize the design of your site. Brandion offers you a list that surely covers all the necessary directions so that your brand can be promoted in a nice way on your page.

Adaptable design

Get in touch and we’ll make sure your web page can adapt to any device that from which it will be accessed, regardless of the screen size of that device.

As we said, this is the first step in creating a nice design for your site.

Accessible performance

Keep in mind that some mobile phone users do not have a high-speed internet connection or the ability to load pages that contain large images or files, so our experts will optimize your site so that it can also be accessed from devices that have a poor Internet performance.

Responsive design

This refers to your site being able to identify the devices on which the site is accessed so that it can adapt to the requirements of that device. If your site’s adaptability is high, users will only have positive feedback regarding your site’s layout, and this will result in an improved conversion rate.

Adjustable width

Previously, we talked about the fact that your site will have to be prepared for any future devices that will have different sizes. Here is where you will tick this box on your list. To accomplish the customizability feature of your site, our professionals use a grid that is based on different percentages, depending on what’s on the market and what’s going to happen.

More browsers, more problems

There are plenty of popular browsers in the world, and each one requires a slightly different format of the sites they access to display them in a pleasant and appealing way. We’ll help you adjust your site for all of these browsers, including the most popular IE8 +, Android v2 up, iOS, Windows Phone 7, or more common desktop browsers like Safari, Google Chrome or FireFox.


After all, what we are doing is trying to offer a pleasant experience to your customers when they access your company’s website. That’s why not just the aspect is the determinant factor but also how easy or hard it is to actually use it. So we offer a website that will be easy to navigate for the end user.

More than simple websites, we create real diamonds for your business