Social Media Marketing

Loyalty is not won by being first. It is won by being best. – Stefan Persson

Social Media has captured the world of the Internet. Social Media is actually present in everyone’s lives so it was inevitable that it ended up having a huge impact on online marketing. After a little bit of research, we have reached a gratifying conclusion for us and for online marketing companies, that about 75% of Internet visitors and online shopping practitioners are influenced by social media when deciding to make a purchase of a product or service.

Why Social Media Marketing is important

For this reason, it is very important that your business led by your company has a high degree of popularity in the social network environment. Otherwise, you will lose ground in the face of competition that through social networks will be able to create a stable and long lasting relationship with people who at one point will turn out to be clients, and they will be your competition’s customers instead of yours.

While spending time on social networks, your clients expect to find your business there for different purposes: to ask you questions, to interact with you, to feel that there is some sort of relationship there. Those 70 percent are a decisive number, and they all want your business to be on their favorite social network.

How can we help?

Through our company, you will be able to be present on all relevant social networks and you will be able to create a community that will be loyal to your brand and will come to you whenever they need a service/product that you offer.


It is well known that Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. With over 2.19 billion users reported in early 2018your company can not overlook Facebook. The way your company’s Facebook page look can be a deal breaker for many of your potential customers. Your  Facebook page needs to be an attractive one and one that encourages people to engage with its content. For these reasons, an extra effort has to be made in maintaining this page, more precisely, in providing attractive visual content.

Last but not least, nobody wants to use a sober tone on Facebook. On Facebook people want to relax, so it is recommended to use a more friendly tone that is more pleasing to the users.


A picture makes a thousand words, and we like to consume content in this form. This is exactly why Instagram is gaining popularity every day.

If you are working in a creative company, this social network can be the perfect place to promote yourself.

Besides being a social network through which you can have an organic “reach”, it is also a perfect place to find tens of thousands of influencers that would be more than happy to work with your brand.


Twitter has evolved a lot in recent years and has become a perfect medium for promoting small or mid-sized businesses. Twitter stands out compared to other social networks, with some unique features. For example, Twitter posts are limited to a number of characters, which forces the user to keep the message short and sweet.

Many companies are using Twitter because unlike Facebook, Twitter is actually a “real” social media – I mean, it is the only place where you can hop in on a conversation uninvited (by the use of hashtags) and people are fine with that. Nothing weird, since that’s the norm on Twitter.

No matter if you do not have experience with Twitter, our company can help you get familiar with tweets and hashtags so you become relevant on this social network that is so crucial for online marketing.


LinkedIn is an atypical network, presenting itself as a perfect network for professionals. LinkedIn is, in fact, the largest network for professionals in different industries across the world. No less than half (50%) of people who have active accounts on this network are directly influenced when choosing companies from which they purchase products or services. Using a word game, we can say it is a professional decision to maintain an active relationship with the users of this social platform.

This social network facilitates the selection process of potential clients as well as the process of maintaining sound communication with existing ones. Through LinkedIn, you will be able to look more professional, as LinkedIn is designed for business, not for relaxation like Facebook. Professionals access LinkedIn to find news about companies they want to interact with.

Even if LinkedIn may appear to be a more difficult social network, no worries – we’ll make sure that your LinkedIn page is up to speed.


This social network is said to be a network of inspiration and discovery. Its image communication format mainly gives it an idea of easier access to the products your company offers. That’s why it’s very important to introduce through Pinterest, all the products and services you offer for sale through a design that attracts attention. Compared to Twitter, Pinterest can be considered as a colossus, as it offers 4 times higher payout revenue if we report it to the number of clicks. So we can see that Pinterest occupies an important place in marketing through social networks, thus, the image network deserves your attention.

Through Pinterest Business, users with active accounts will be able to help you promote your business, with the ability to share your images and content. Last but not least, with this social network, the interaction between your client and your company will also be facilitated.


Although in a classical way, YouTube cannot be considered a social network, it has recently received this status. It may be hard to believe, but YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world, despite the fact that there are other more popular search engines, such as Yahoo or Ask.

Every month, videos on YouTube benefit from billions of hours of viewing, and this should motivate you to stay up-to-date with videos posted on YouTube. Show your potential customers what you can do and what you can offer using video.

Google Plus

Google Plus, being a social network directly associated with the Google search engine, has an edge that should be taken seriously by your company. In fact, Google+ is not a classic social network because, if we take a closer look we can see that it has a direct impact on Google Search results pages.

Surprisingly, to some extent, Google Plus ranks second in the top of social networks worldwide. This is due to the fact that, unlike the social networks above, Google+ allows you to improved credibility, in addition to interacting with potential clients and existing clients.

You can also use Google+ to research the market and to read about your company, as well as other companies.

If you think you will not be able to accomplish these things by yourself, do not worry, our company will ensure that you have a high degree of credibility through Google+.

We create native content for each of your social media profiles.