Search Engine Marketing

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The online environment is ahead of any other medium of communication at the moment, and as expected, this will not change in the near future. Due to the fact that the internet keeps on growing, it can be accessed from almost any type of device that has a screen. So wherever the user is, he or she can access the Internet and start searching for relevant information for him/her. That’s why it’s very important that your site can be accessed by any device at any time of the day, so your customers are always connected to you and your brand.

Inteligent Search Engine Marketing…

… or the art of giving value for free. This is what Search Engine Markeiting (SEM) is all about. Consumers at one point will need you, and at that point you must ensure all the support you can provide through the accessibility of your site. When an internet user wants to initiate a search, then your site needs to appear among the search results. In fact, your site should appear among the first search results. Normally, consumers are not looking for a specific brand, but looking for a specific product, or looking for useful information that would help them solve a problem they are dealing with, so no matter what product they are looking for, if its in the product range you offer, you must appear as the first option to choose. A good strategy is to give valuable content for free (we’ve already talked about how important it is to have a blog) – even if the user does not buy anything from your company in that exact moment, he remembers, knows that your brand was helpful and when he needs services/products from your sphere of activity, guess who’s calling?

The road is long but filled with rewards

Device changes, as well as internal search engine policies and algorithms – they too have introduced some additional obstacles along the way. These obstacles are highlighted by mobile devices as well as by social networks that have become easily indispensable components of online users’ lives. To walk this way more easily and to be able to achieve the goal a bit easier, it is advisable to turn to a team of professionals who know how to handle these factors.

Until now, we have just presented the hard parts that search engine marketing implies, but there are positive parts too. For example, if you look carefully, you can see that there are many ways that you can promote your product or service online, all you need to know is how to tackle them, and you need to analyze them so that you figure out which one is best suited for what you put for sale.

The way we see things…

For example, you could promote your product or service through simple ads, posting them on different sites. Promoting your product can also be done through colorful banners that you also post on different web pages to attract attention. The good part is that you do not have to decide by yourself which SEM promotion is best suited for your product. We can help you so that the choices you make in the direction of Search Engine Marketing are optimal and the SEM campaigns are optimized to the maximum.

So, the most generic SEM strategies are as follows:

Articles that are designed as a masked commercial

Text articles are probably the most ‘old school’ method of promoting a product or service for sale, but it is still relevant due to the way the online environment works. It’s easier to publish an article in the online environment than it was to publish an article in a newspaper 40 years ago. And more than that, publishing in the online environment comes along with a set of features that makes it easier to interact with the article reader and the brand that wrote that article. A cool feature is that these articles must be relevant from a “location” point of view, meaning that your article will be displayed mostly to people in a particular area, usually the area in which you operate.


Image communication has become more and more popular with the emergence of social networks that facilitate this type of communication. Somehow, this is intuitive, as it is more convenient for a person to analyze an image than a written text. Studies have shown that regardless of how the image is presented, versus a text –  an image is more of an interest than the text. That’s why making an attractive banner and creating a major impact should be one of your main SEM goals.

Test Ads

You are probably still at the beginning of the road and you do not know how to pass on the information about the product or service you offer to your clients. There is no problem, as long as you know what your customers want. A very ingenious method made available by SEM is to test ads so that you can analyze whether the way you decide to pass the information is beneficial and relevant to your clients.

Video content

We were talking about banners and mentioned that images are much more accessible than text items. If we think in those terms when speaking of video, we think that it is pretty obvious how the videos are perceived. This is also supported by the fact that, despite the origin of YouTube as a video platform, it has recently become the second most important search engine in the world. So in order to further enhance the effectiveness of your SEM campaign, it would be advisable to turn to the publication of commercials with a professional character on YouTube.


Another method that you should use especially if you sell products from an e-commerce platform is the highlighting of products in sites that compare prices.

More recently, this service is offered directly through social networks.


Last but not least, you have to make your presence felt on the relevant forums related to your industry. These forums will most likely discuss your brand anyways, so it is very important to be active on them, and even more, run some promotions on these forums. That is why we provide you with promotion on these types of sites.

Brandion is your best choice for SEM campaigns. Our experts will ensure that the chosen method will be implemented in a high-quality manner.

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