Product Branding

A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir. – Lisa Gansky

Every product has a label. That label is the name and identity of that product. So far we have only that. We want to become a brand, but it’s not that easy. Like, for example, we can take the Nike brand. Nike is not just the factories, the physical stuff. If we want to make a demonstration of power and if we have the necessary budget, we can buy for a price all the machines used in Nike factories. We can even buy the factory itself, as well as the land on which the factory is located, and in this imaginative exercise, let’s just say that we are able to do all these things.

Branding – Continuing the above scenario…

Let’s continue our scenario and move on, with the acquisition of the Nike brand…oh but wait… this is not possible even in our imagination, because even if we would dig down so deep into our dream world pockets, we wouldn’t be able to find the resources needed for such a deal. This is the power of a brand….

The brand of a company is built over years of hard work, the perspiration of thousands of people, the ideas of brilliant minds and efforts to maintain a high-quality level that associates with the brand and the most important of all, brand is built on a well-thought-out strategic branding strategy in the long run but also in the short term.

Details and strong points

Now we can assume that we are at the beginning of a road where we want our company name to become an international brand with a high reputation on the market. And all we have at this moment is a product. What we definitely know is that our product, according to its features, does not have the uniqueness on the market, and if we look around, we will be able to find many products similar to ours. What techniques do we have to apply so that a potential customer is attracted to our product at the expense of the products presented by the competition? First of all, we need to give it a degree of uniqueness so that our product is easy to recognize. But wait, we’ve just established that our product is not unique. Well, we need to study all the similar products in the niche with the utmost attention and find even the smallest detail that places our product at a level that is above our competitor’s products. We need to find its strengths.

Product Branding VS Company Branding 

Once we have completed this research work and once we know the advantages of our product, we need to establish a strategy to present these competitive advantages to our consumers and show them what is it that our product has in comparison with the products of the competition.

Also, a suggestive name must be found for our product. The name must be ‘catchy’ and have a particular resonance that can be remembered. Also, through the name, we should try to present some of the features that the product has. It is not an easy job, even if it may seem initially, but it has to be carried out and a name for the product should be chosen. In order to be sure that the chosen name remains unique, it is recommended to register it officially so that we have full ownership of that name.

From name to brand

Ok, now that we have a name, we have a clear idea of what we want our name to become, let’s start the branding process. But product branding cannot be done individually so a product needs to be associated with a company brand. No one knows a certain pair of sneakers without knowing the company they belong to. For example, yes, Air Max is very well known and it is a brand itself, but if we ask the buyers that love this product, we will find out that they all know that Air Max is made by the Nike brand. Well, that’s because company branding and product branding is done in parallel, at the same time.

The good news is that we can handle both. We can help you create a brand product that people will love and, at the same time, make sure that your company’s brand will also be on the rise.

We can help you brand your products