Influencer Marketing

You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do. – Henry Ford

The term influencer (influencer marketing) has become more and more popular with the introduction of the live stream option on Instagram and Facebook. This is how the world has begun to become more active on these social networks. In addition to this, YouTube’s popularity has also contributed to increasing the number of influencers. There are many influencers out there, and boy do these guys help you bring a ton of awareness to your brand.

What does an Influencer Marketing Campaign consist of

Influencer marketing involves requesting people with an online influence (a.k.a big audience) to promote a product, service or even the brand you represent. So these influencers will succeed in spreading the message that you want to transmit in an organic and completely natural way. The most important thing when you want to choose an influencer to initiate a collaboration is not the number of followers he/she has -as some might think- but how engaged his/her “fans” are with the content he or she produces. An influencer with a large number of followers who are very engaged with the content and also interested in your niche is the ideal situation. Once you have chosen an influencer that fits your criteria, you need to focus on the marketing deal that you propose and make it so as to attract as many customers as possible.

We make Influencer marketing look natural and easy

Instead of addressing yourself directly to a large group of consumers, which can be difficult in some situations, or even impossible to achieve, you will pay an influencer to carry out this marketing plan, since they can retain their audience attention for long periods of time and also, they can reach out to millions of people with ease.

The right influencer for your business

There are countless influencers on YouTube that have been approached by dazzling companies and immense brands in every industry to promote their products. An influencer, just as the name says, has a great influence on the environment in which it operates and on the target audience it has, so it does not matter how important a brand is, it will consider influencer marketing if through this technique they can attract a new range of clients to their products. Among the well-known brands that have turned to influencer marketing, Toyota, MTV, and Greyhound come to our minds, but many others do this and what we love about this technique is that it has no limitations (if you have an unlimited budget of course).

Using statistics, we can see certain things that are meant to encourage the use of marketing through influencers. So 70% of young YouTube subscribers are more confident in the opinions of their favorite influencers, to the detriment of traditional celebrities appearing on TV and doing ‘old school’ ads.

We love underpriced attention…

…especially when it is targeted. Another statistic reveals a very important financial detail and shows us that for every dollar invested in marketing through influencers there is an income almost 7 times bigger, so we can realize the impact of influencers on the online market.

No less than 80% of the companies that have used this marketing technique, have been pleased with it and have categorized it as one of the most effective and optimized online marketing techniques.

Also, the same companies were asked about the quality of the customers that are obtained from influencer marketing, and just over half of them were convinced that those customers coming from influencers are better.

After these results and trusted statements of the companies that used the technique, over the last year there was an almost 60 percent increase in the marketing budget insured.

If you do not know how to deal with this matter, contact us and we will show you where to start with Influencer Marketing, and how your business can benefit from these campaigns.

We can find the right influencers for your business