Copywriting and PR

Determine who you are and what your brand is, and what you’re not. The rest of it is just a lot of noise. – Geoffrey Zakarian

Copywriting and PR campaigns are really important for your business. With the lavish technological impact lately, as well as the presence of the internet in our lives, it is clear that in order to benefit from a website that has a resounding success in the online market, you will have to build that site based on a bulletproof strategy. Search engines are the ones determining the quality of a site – they decide which sites index and how they index. If you want your site to rank high, you will have to offer quality in return, meaning, you will need to publish high-quality content on your web page. This is what copywriting is all about.

What Copywriting is

Copywriting is a branch of SEO that aims to compose texts or articles to be published on the site we are optimizing. A quality SEO copywriter will produce high quality and very appealing texts for the entire range of users who are expected to access that site. Not only are the texts to be appealing and qualitative, but they must be able to convince users that your site is the best choice in its niche, and last but not least, through its content, it must be able to meet the needs of users who access it. If these conditions are met, your business can only win as your page grows in the hierarchy of SERP – Search Engine Result Page positions.

Copywriting and SEO

SEO is like a highway that helps any user reach the destination, and what you publish on your site is the destination itself. The destination must be convincing for the user to spend as much time there and reach the point where they will initiate an action. The ultimate goal of copywriting is to persuade users to act.

If you want to look into this area of copywriting and its usefulness, we’ll help you out and tell you that indeed an overwhelming majority of the best-known brands are requesting the services of a copywriter. By hiring copywriters, the online marketing process of both the brand itself and the products or services that your company offers will benefit from all the experience professional copywriters have in creating content that sells.

What can we do for you?

Considering the responsibility of these copywriters, you must wisely choose the copywriters that will be part of your business. The articles that they will have to draft will have to be very concrete and targeted. Moreover, these articles must have a strong impact on the reader. His/her writing style should convince potential customers of the brand, service or product’s utility, depending on the case, by persuasion. One thing that should be avoided, however, is annoying the client. The emotions that a qualitative article should produce should be positive and conclude with initiating action on that site.

The copywriter has to reach the heart of the user in order to capture his attention throughout the reading of the article, to move the imagination wheels and to urge him to trigger the action for which your site is intended.

Not only the quality of the products or services that you provide are defining for the proper functioning of your business.

Your content must be engaging

It all comes down to the quality of your content – this differentiates between companies that have an overwhelming success in the online market and brands that struggle in mediocrity. If the products your brand is offering is around the same level of quality as your competitor’s products, the difference is made by the content the respective brands have on their websites. If you know that what you offer is very good and of high quality, then you should really look into the content that you publish on your site.

Search Engine optimized content

Your web page is usually judged the same way we judge a book cover. Yes “a book should not be judged by the cover”, but this is how people work, and we will not be able to change anything in this regard. What you can do is to present a cover that appeals to the customers that access your “book”.

A rough estimate tells us that there are no fewer than hundreds of millions of web pages on the Internet, more precisely about 650 million, and growing. Reporting one site, yours, to this colossal number, it is foolish to think there is no competition. That is why you have to focus on the content and through your content to relay the message you really want to relay but in a pleasant way. But it is not enough for your site to be appealing by content, the same content will have to also provide good results in search engines so that you can increase your popularity.

Here at Brandon, we can make sure to provide you with a team of copywriters who know how to promote a brand.

Keywords are a pretty important factor that some copywriters omit. Keywords should be added to articles with a specific frequency so that your site gets on the first page of Google. By placing your keywords in articles, the copywriter will help you attract targeted traffic and so, attract customers.

A study shows that on average if you start to raise the standards of the content that you publish, you will be able to benefit from a significant increase in traffic. Specifically, your traffic will improve up to 30 percent in just a few months.

The content you publish on your site tells a story that must be relevant to the users who access it, so you have to be very careful about this content. The degree of professionalism and the level you occupy in your niche are some other relevant information provided by SEO content. And last but not least, through the content, you tell the user if your business is successful because if you have attractive and optimized content, they can tell that you are willing to invest money in copywriting, design and branding.

Optimized articles

What do you about SEO articles campaigns? Have you had the chance to meet the benefits that this type of campaign offers? If your answer is hesitant or negative, you should make a change. SEO articles are a tool by which you can have a huge impact on the online marketing industry, so you should start using this tool as often as possible.

If your content is optimized, you can become ubiquitous online by creating links and backlinks to your website first, and your brand awareness will feel a considerable boom.

With Brandon in your team, the articles that we can create for you will bring you a guaranteed success. Our professionals have the ability to optimize articles in order for them to become relevant to both search engines and users by entering keywords with a well-calculated frequency.

Images painted with words


As is well known, Google and other popular online search engines do not have a feature that does “image – pattern recognition”. So the image of a product you offer will not be able to propel itself into the results displayed by these search engines. So if your goal is to beat your competition and rank first in the search engines, besides the image of the product or service that you sell, you need to add an attractive description.

If your description is pale and does not contain relevant information, your site may be just another ocean wreck.

So when you do add a product description, you need to introduce some text elements that are meant to generate user interest. With an appealing introduction, a clear explanation, and last but not least, a good, convincing marketing strategy, success will be guaranteed.

Talk to the press

And we are not talking about press conferences similar to those that football teams hold before major matches. The most effective way you can talk to the press and through which you are able to relay relevant information to the public and search engines is through online press releases.

When you publish a press release that contains relevant information and is written in a professional style, online publications will take over that press release in order to distribute it on their website. Thus, you can indirectly create backlinks to your web page, and this translates into increasing customer numbers.


Email marketing has become very popular in the last decade so you can also benefit from this advertising tool. All you have to do is send emails with relevant information about the product or service you sell, and mainly with the news you bring to your business.

We can achieve this communication channel between you and your potential customers, and we can help you maintain a healthy and frequent communication that has the sole purpose of maintaining a loyal relationship.

Regardless of the purpose of the newsletters you wish to submit, we can help you to write the most suitable emails.

You have to blog…

The blog is the most important way to create and maintain a relationship with your clients outside the site. So, you have to put a great emphasis on maintaining an attractive blog. The importance of the blog is obvious to most brand managers, but this importance is neglected due to lack of time.

60% of blogs have not received an update in the last 3 months, and this affects your site negatively. This doesn’t have to be your case because our copywriters are here to handle your blog so that it actively maintains and posts quality content consistently.


Advertorials are articles that are presented as educational or informational articles. What makes an advertorial unique is that subtle details are included containing the benefits of a product or service.

An advertorial is written by someone other than the people inside the brand and it makes it more relevant to the reader.

A well-written advertorial requires a lot of knowledge in the field, and our copywriters know all these details.

We speak the language of your brand!