Company Branding

You have to stay true to your heritage; that’s what your brand is about – Alice Temperley

Since we’re talking about company branding, let’s make a brand! What have we got so far? Well, we have a very good product that has plenty of advantages and can catch on to customers because of the features it has. What should we do next to have an as good brand as the product is? We’ll get to that in a second, but first we need to find out what a brand is …

There is a very popular confusion around the world in regards to “brand” and “logo” terms. The logo is just a company logo, just a nice image, nothing more. The brand is much more than that. The brand is not just a beautiful image of the company.

What is a brand

By brand, we could refer to the true identity of the company. The brand also includes the company’s reputation. If we were to make a comparison between a man and a company, we might as well compare the brand with a man’s DNA. While the brand is the human core, the logo is just the picture in the ID card. Now that we have a clear distinction between logo and brand, we hope that we can continue the whole branding process, taking this difference into account.

The brand, after all, is not 100% all done by a company, by your company. What you’ve created is the product. But customers and consumers are the ones who actually create your brand. Instead, you can influence the evolution of your brand by interacting with the audience through product quality and many other factors.

The power of a brand

The product you offer to consumers is not unique and can be dethroned by another product, copied by another product or replaced by another product. That’s how things go, the way the market and the industry work, but something that can not be replaced is your brand. We can easily find sports shoes that have the same design and a lower price, probably the same quality as Nike’s Air Max, but they will never benefit from the success of Nike. This is the power of the brand.

People love brands – so does Google

After a while, a product comes off the market for various reasons: it got old, became irrelevant, stock clearance, or who knows what other reasons. But even if the product has left store shelves, what’s left forever is the brand. The brand will remain sharper than ever before. The most intuitive comparison we can make when it comes to this matter is with great personalities who have died. For example, rap music artist 2Pac died more than two decades ago, but his music is still being listened to or even remixed, nowadays, making him more present than other artists that are alive and performing today. The same goes for brands.

Product Branding vs Company Branding

The difference between product branding and company branding can be clearly noticed when we analyze the process needed to apply when working on both. For a product, it takes a short time to create its brand and it becomes relevant as soon as it is put on the market, instead, the company branding requires a longer effort and a continuous focus on it if we want to maintain the brand at a high level regardless of market developments and regardless of overnight competition.

You do not have to work alone on your company’s brand because we are here to offer you all our support. We can work together so that your company’s brand grows over time and maintains the highest level it can achieve.

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