Adwords and PPC Campaigns

When people use your brand name as a verb, that is remarkable. – Meg Whitman

If you want to start doing PPC campaigns and beat your competitors in AdWords or Facebook ads, you’ve come to the right place. What we offer in these areas, namely PPC campaign management, and AdWords/Facebook campaign management, are quality services. We will be able to increase your number of customers by a significant percentage if you turn to us to organize and run these types of campaigns.

PPC is the abbreviation for Pay Per Click. This type of campaign is a door opener for building a successful brand, offering amazing opportunities that you can use to build your brand. Also, through PPC campaigns, you can increase the percentage of direct sales.

We want successful PPC campaigns. But how?

To create a successful PPC campaign, it takes less time compared to SEO campaigns –  results from SEO campaigns are seen after a few months usually. The only time it takes to create a PPC campaign would be the time it takes to build an attractive and intriguing creative and a little bit of time to optimize the campaign in order to target the right audience. The reward for setting this up will be immediate, because, under the right conditions, it can generate instant revenue.

Besides these hours you spend with the purpose of setting up a successful ad, with PPC campaigns you need to invest time on constantly researching the market as well as spending a little time on some testing processes. The purpose of these actions is to continue to achieve a consistent and satisfactory return on investment (ROI) – the higher the better.

When your Adwords campaigns are optimized right = money in your pocket

We emphasize on the efficiency of the investments that you decide to make in this area, so our aim is that regardless of the amount you are willing to spend to ensure you get the most efficient and most valuable traffic. After all, our company’s goal is to help your company secure your income, and more, as much profit as possible. We want that, following the PPC campaigns, you get the expected results and maybe even better than that.

We’re successfully running Adwords campaigns and more …

Following our management of your PPC campaigns, our team promises that you will be able to achieve the following goals:

  • Significantly increase your website traffic

Our way of building and defraying PPC campaigns, either Facebook Ads or Google AdWords, provides an improvement in your overall web traffic, which will be immediately felt and the cool thing is that we can achieve within your budget or, in some cases, with a much lower budget that you expect.

  • Getting only targeted traffic

Quantity is not our primary goal because we are trying to maintain a high-quality level of the campaigns we initiate. The strategies we call for PPC campaign management will make it easier for you to reach the marketing goals you’ve set in your initial marketing plan.

  • Decrease in price paid per click

As mentioned above, our goal is to reduce your costs, therefore, the specialists we have in our team will work to get you a reduction in PPC campaigns costs so you do not have to pay for unnecessary traffic. This will give you a significant cost-per-click reduction.

  • Generate a fascinating ROI

After all, what is being pursued through an effective PPC campaign is getting an excellent ROI. That is why our team is pursuing to increase the number of your customers while at the same time diminish your costs. While this seems hard to realize, our specialists are skilled in bringing the best ROIs from PPC campaigns they have initiated and managed.

The PPC campaigns require management based on a well-defined strategy before the start of a campaign, and in order to be able to work in an organized fashion, it is recommended to follow some steps so that PPC campaign management is as effective as possible.


Analyzing the best keywords

First of all, you need to look into the field of activity that your company has. This research has to be done in depth so that after the analysis, some conclusions can be drawn. The main conclusion we need is the decision about the keywords that we should use in the PPC campaign. The keywords are meant to highlight in the best light all the products and services that you provide so that when interacting with the client, he/she will be immediately attracted to your company.


Studying your competition in detail

As in any competition,  in PPC campaigns, before they are initiated, an analysis of the competition must be conducted to find out what strategies they use, so the strategies your company approaches in cooperation with us will counter them perfectly, but at the same time retain their relevance. The purpose of the study is to drive some of your competitor’s traffic to your site, so you can make them choose your products or services at the expense of those offered by your competitors. This is an important step towards the success of a PPC campaign.

Divide your campaign into segments

The architecture and structure of the campaign directly influence both the number of clients you attract and the costs involved. That’s why it’s recommended that you segment your campaign into smaller, dimensional ad groups, but still, keep the keywords that are highly relevant to the products and services your company offers to drive an effective PPC campaign.

Page optimization process

You should constantly test the landing pages of the links you promote. After testing, once there are deficiencies in the pages of your site, you need to make their improvement a priority. The goal of optimization is to increase the conversion rate to a maximum. With our help, you will be able to build a set of landing pages for those keywords that have a strong impact.

Campaign management

Once a PPC campaign has been launched, it must be supervised and organized so that it maintains all the qualities that we have been set at the beginning. With the help of our specialists, we monitor the campaign so that the number of customers is growing, your campaign is offering targeted traffic and all this based on a lower cost so that the budget needed for the campaign stays at a minimum level. In free translation, an ROI as efficient as possible.

Creating activity reports

Similar to any campaign, not just online, for the PPC campaigns you need to keep a record of activity so that you can find out which approach and strategy has yielded more returns and which has been less efficient. You will also have these reports in order to draw conclusions on our own without being influenced by us, but we assure you that our goal is to drive the most effective PPC campaigns.

Do you already have ongoing campaigns? We can evaluate your PPC campaigns. The purpose of this is to provide you with information about the campaign(s) you are already running. First of all, we give you a big picture of the entire campaign. We can evaluate the keywords that are targeted by the campaign(s) you are running, if the conversion rate is good and so on.

As a result of our analysis and evaluation, we will finally be able to provide you with a set of Google Analytics reports. Our experts will give you tips on how to manage your PPC campaign to increase efficiency.

We help you reach thousands of potential customers starting right from your launch date.