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Branding, Marketing and Design Agency

Sustainable Marketing
Premium services cost less when you pay just for your needs – we figure out the budget together according to your niche’s competitiveness – so you can plan your marketing budget without having to put a financial strain on your business.
Interactive Agency
We see the internet as a huge communication channel oriented towards the end customer. Because the world is always changing, and the internet with it,  we are always looking for new promotion opportunities.
Bulletproof Strategies
We are very competitive and we like to offer quality services. We can not talk about promoting a business without first understanding the business, so we are putting your business needs first when we design your marketing strategy.

We are a performance oriented agency

BRANDION agency consists of professionals with over 15 years of experience in marketing, branding, design and communication.

We help entrepreneurs understand the huge potential of brands and the online environment and how to integrate them into their business development plan. We help brands discover their unique selling points.

  We only deliver results we can be proud of. We perform. We are efficient.

Company Branding
Let’s make a brand! What have we got so far? Well, we have a very good product that has plenty of advantages and can catch on [...]
Product Branding
Every product has a label. That label is the name and identity of that product. So far we have only that. We want to become a brand, but [...]
Seo Optimization
Search engines are the foundation for anything anyone wants to do on the internet. In fact, if we were to analyze a percentage of [...]
Social Media Marketing
Social Media has captured the world of the Internet. Social Media is actually present in everyone’s lives so it was inevitable that [...]
Adwords Campaings & PPC
If you want to start doing PPC campaigns and beat your competitors in AdWords or Facebook ads, you’ve come to the right place. [...]
Search Engine Marketing
The online environment is ahead of any other medium of communication at the moment, and as expected, this will not change in the near future [...]
Web Design
Your image has a decisive impact on that first impression that you make to your customers regarding your brand and [...]
Influencer Marketing
The term influencer has become more and more popular with the introduction of the live stream option on Instagram and Facebook. [...]
Copywriting and PR
With the lavish technological impact lately, as well as the presence of the internet in our lives, it is clear that [...]
Working Clever
01. planning & strategy
We understand your business and its needs.
We plan everything until the last detail.
02. design & develompent
We design an identity, then find and implement the best development strategies.
03. testing & delivery
We verify that the implemented project reaches the planned objective and, if not, the necessary corrections are made.
04. support
We provide support so that you can spend more time on other aspects of your business.
The Team
a.k.a. the people behind the success stories 
Digital Marketing Wizard, Founder
Creative Designer (level over 9000)
Bec Norbert
Photography & Photoshop God
codruta greu brandion
Copywriting & PR​ Goddess
Andrei Sukosd
Digital Marketing Specialist
mihaela giuran
PPC Specialist & Protector of Adwords
Carmen Cristea
Analytics Freak

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What are our customers saying
Corina Vaida, VADAUTO


Profesionisti si corecti!

Emanuela Marton @ Laser Hunt


O agenție complet dedicată în a atinge obiectivele clientului. Super perseverenți, atenți la ce vrei, disponibili, o experiență foarte tare. Highly recommend them.

Yahav Hartman, CEO MadgicX


Brandion’s CEO Vlad is super knowledgeable with Facebook Ads and everything ecom. His passion comes from truly helping and coaching other people in succeeding with the online advertising world. Glad to have the Madgicx-Brandion partnership!

George Scripcaru @ Future Training

In primul rând trebuie menționată eficiența echipei Brandion, colaborarea cu ei a fost ușoară și eficienta. Mi-au construit un website de calitate, optimizat pentru campanii de promovare. În al doilea rând, au venit cu idei de marketing inovative și m-au ajutat sa intru pe piața rapid. Cu siguranță recomand Brandion pentru pachetul de servicii pe care îl oferă!

Victor Dinică @ Invetiff

Best in Romania. Proud to work with them.

Anita Filip @ Katharina Siegel Jewelry

Very good agency to work with. I highly recommend it.

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