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Online promotion, same like classic promotion (TV / Billboard / Radio / Print) helps to increase the exposure of a brand, product or service. The difference with online advertising is that we have a lot more data on how those who saw the ad behave - number of impressions, number of clicks, sales and so on.

There is no such thing - any channel can be good. It depends on the context, the target audience, the area where we want to increase our exposure and so on. We choose the promotion channels based on your marketing strategy.

The total cost is comprised of

1) The client's monthly budget

2) Agency labor

We believe in sustainable marketing, so we recommend that the client's budget be a long-term one. It must not put pressure on your business.

As for the agency labor costs, we work with monthly "subscriptions" that include exactly the services that you need. The more complex the strategy and the more elements it includes, the higher the cost.

The short answer is no. This is up to the sales department.

But many confuse marketing services - which means effectively promoting (or increasing exposure) of a brand / a product or a service - with the actual sales process.

Brandion can guarantee a certain exposure, a number of clicks, number of leads (potential customers) but due to the fact that the sale is actually done on your end, we cannot guarantee the sale without actually taking over the attributions of your sales department.

Here is a real life example - a Facebook Ads campaign for promoting a restaurant runs in optimal parameters. Customers are sending messages via Facebook Messenger - requesting information or trying to book a table, but there is no response from the restaurant. So, the agency delivers the leads (potential customers) but the transaction is not taking place.

A brand is a symbol, logo, name, word, and / or identification phrase that companies use so that a consumer can distinguish their product from other similar products.

If a promotion campaign is added to one or - most frequently - to a combination of the elements listed above, the result is that the brand reaches many potential customers and becomes more and more recognizable over time.

As we want a potential customer to remember us, a combination of consistent branding and well-thought-out promotional campaigns becomes essential to the success of any business.

That's what we thought - what about small brands that can't afford a premium agency?

Until recently, a small brand was limited to either putting pressure on the company's financial stability and working with a premium agency, or working with an agency that is focused on high customer volume, low prices, and mediocre services.

Out of a desire to support startups, small entrepreneurs, freelancers and people who want to learn marketing, design and communication, Brandion has launched the e-learning platform Brandion Academy.

Basically, through some simple and clear video courses, which shows you step by step everything you need to do, anyone can benefit from our know-how at minimal costs. What we've noticed is that these campaigns are of a clearly superior quality compared to what a mediocre agency can deliver.

So far, this platform is available only in Romanian, but we are working on releasing the English version as soon as possible.

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